A brief insight into Rank and Rent: An SEO guide

The world of SEO is somewhat complicated but if you show interest in learning it, you will find it to be amazing and attractive. There are many ways in which the companies work to enhance the ranking of their websites on Google and the race never ends because everyone wants to be on the top and for this, they follow any strategy that they like.

There are many techniques that the SEO companies use to increase the rank of the website for Google and one of those techniques goes by the name Rank and Rent.

This is a pretty simple technique that you can understand as something like selling leads to local businesses. In this approach, the SEO company or SEO services provider optimizes a website so that its rank increases on Google and then sells it to some other local business to help it grow.

What is Rank and Rent?

Rank and rent is a fun name but when we say rent, we mean it. Renting the website means that you first create the website for some purpose and gain leads for it. once it gains some rank on Google, you put it up for Renting. Renting is meant as in real renting because you give it to the other people but the control is not handed over to them. Consider the example of renting a house.

The owner would give you the keys but he would not give them to you in documents. So when you are renting a website, you have a few rights on it but the rest are in the hands of the owner. If you want some kind of change or something, you will tell the owner and they would do it for you. It’s very simple and easy as well.

There are many reasons for renting out a website that is already functional.

  • You might want to get a ready-made website that already had got the ranks on Google because you do not have time to spend on this whole process.
  • You might want to get a website that is already functional because you want to excel and you do not have an expert to work on the website for you.
  • You are running multiple business websites and it is getting harder for you to focus on all so you need help from someone else.