A small business guide to local SEO

If you have a small business one of the key things for you is to engage your business with local SEO. According to marketing experts and web administrators, the average data says that local SEO can increase the sales of a company by more than 50 percent.

So are you someone who has a small business such as a store or a retail shop or even if you have an online business but serving any specific geographical location only then do you need to know about the techniques for local SEO?

To give you an idea here are some of the geo-centric businesses that need local SEO only- Bars, restaurants, shopping malls, local contractors, electricians, plumbers, real estate contractors, local diagnostic agencies, hospitals, schools, colleges, boutique stores, salons, photographers, etc.

Let us find out about some of the most important things when you are doing local SEO.

Think of geo-specific keywords

Local SEO optimization means that you are centric on a location only. And thus your keywords have to be centered on a location. To give you an idea if you have a restaurant in Miami then here are some of the possible keywords for your business- best restaurants in Miami, affordable restaurants in Miami, and so on.

You need to find out about some of the most common terms or phrases that your customer is searching for and then include them in your articles and blogs for your website.

Find out keywords relating to your business

Of course, if you have a salon then you need to find out local keywords that relate to your business, such as best hair cutting salons in San Jose, best facial salons in San Jose, best massage and spa salons in San Jose, and so on.

Optimizing your website

On-page SEO is important too. You need to fix your website issues. This includes optimizing keywords inclusion, developing new SEO content every day, developing backlink articles, and so on. Along with this some of the other issues for your website includes slow website speed, optimizing meta titles and meta descriptions, no HTTPS security, and so on.

Ensure to create local landing pages

You need to ensure creating landing pages for your website and services and then optimize these pages. Focus on on-page SEO on these local business pages and look for increasing organic traffic to your website. For local landing pages, you need to have a strong call to action that compels users to buy your product or service. Do not forget to include mobile SEO and optimization for local landing pages.