Use SEO to Increase Revenue


Content marketing using search engine optimization is a real money maker. Search engine optimization has that you create content centered around money-making keywords and phrases. Once search engine indexing is achieved, you will receive a healthy flow of traffic that guides visitors toward your products, ads and affiliate marketing links. SEO beats all other forms of marketing as you are essentially creating a library of information-rich content that search engines love to pick up. Don’t forget, however, that while awesomely effective, search engine optimization is time consuming and does require time for indexing of your content. Success in this space is for the ambitious and for the patient.

Money Making SEO Tips

SEO content marketing is the modern webmaster’s bread and butter. Here are some tips to get you going.

1. Before you Decide to Create a Publication, Make Sure your Website is SEO Ready.

You will want your website to have basic, global level SEO settings set before you start posting. This involves getting your site’s meta info set, making sure permalinks are easily read and submitting a sitemap to Google. Many blogs are built with WordPress, which is the gold standard amongst blogging platforms. With WordPress, it’s as easy as installing the Yoast SEO plugin and running the configuration wizard. Once global SEO is configured, you’re ready to roll.

2. When Creating your Post, Have a Keyword or Phrase at the Forefront of your Mind.

Post creation should be centered on or around a keyword or key-phrase. This should be a keyword that you’ve already done research on and found to be within a practical niche. Some keywords are so saturated with competition they are not even worth marketing to. Longer, niche phrases are usually the ticket, as they have less competition and have the potential to bevery targeted. It is helpful to use a longer phrase, but remember, you are marketing to humans, not robots! If you’re getting traffic but users are bored, your content marketing efforts have failed.

3. After you’ve Created your Post, Make Sure to Share it with your Social Networks.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are considered credible by Google. This credibility is awarded in the form a “page rank.” Their high domain authority means that posts created on their platforms will instantly get a ranking boost. This can be helpful to getting extra traffic to your publications without having to wait for your site, possible lower in page ranking, to get indexed.


Search engine optimization is set and forget. This doesn’t mean that you should ever truly taking a passive approach to making an online income, but that your posted content tends to “stick” on the internet. If you are making the creation of engaging content your aim, your successes will begin to build upon each other.

Making on online income is possible, and the only one stopping you is you!